Fighting war

Despite the Easter holiday, Socialist Worker sellers took to the streets campaigning against Clinton and Blair's Balkan war. With the paper coming out a day early extra sales were put on. In just four days 460 copies of Socialist Worker were sold on the streets of Glasgow. That included 132 on Argyle Street on Saturday, 70 on Wednesday's anti-war demonstration, with 50 papers sold on Tuesday evening and 48 on Thursday evening in the city centre. 172 papers were sold in Liverpool's Bold Street on Saturday, plus 42 on Friday evening and 30 on Thursday evening. In Manchester 200 were sold in Market Street on Saturday plus 40 on Wednesday lunchtime. 32 were sold in Eccles on Saturday, while in Stretford 39 were sold on Saturday and 29 on Friday lunchtime.

Elsewhere 120 were sold around Saturday's anti-war demonstration in Cardiff, 68 in Sunderland plus 26 on Thursday evening, 87 in Leith, 50 in Holloway Road in north London and 40 in east London's Chrisp Street market, while in Bristol 60 were sold on Saturday's anti-war demo plus 75 afterwards in Broadmead.

Clydeside workplace sales included 16 copies of Socialist Worker at Chivas Regal, 12 at Glacier Metals and 7 at Victoria Infirmary, while elsewhere 34 were sold at Millennium House council offices in Liverpool, 21 at Manchester Town Hall and 13 at Bristol's central telephone exchange.

In Newcastle in the build up to Saturday's minimum wage demo 8 papers were sold at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, 6 at Newcastle Civic Centre and 5 at Longbenton DSS.

In the last week 11 people joined the Socialist Workers Party in Glasgow; 5 in Sheffield; 3 in Stockport, Liverpool, Poplar and on the Christopher Alder demonstration in Hull; 2 at the NUT conference; and 1 in Cardiff, Coventry, Bristol, Bradford, Wood Green, Eccles, Manchester Central, Nottingham St Ann's, Newcastle University, Leith, Sunderland and Lancaster.