Sun on the Tyne

SOME 885 copies of Socialist Worker were sold on Saturday's minimum wage demonstration in Newcastle, plus another 462 in the city centre. Altogether 85 people joined the SWP on the day.

In just a week 5,000 copies of the new Socialist Worker pamphlet, Stop the War, have been sold. On Sunday's London anti-war demonstration 10 people joined the SWP; 1 joined on the Glasgow protest; 5 at the south London anti-war meeting; 2 at both the Hackney and Islington meetings; and 1 at the Edinburgh, Bradford, Birmingham and Nottingham meetings. In addition 2 people joined in Leeds and 1 in Dalston.

The Newcastle demonstration showed the tremendous warmth of feeling there is towards Socialist Worker. People recognise the paper was crucial to building the event. Around the war we have also attracted a wider audience. Building up our sales of the paper and the new pamphlet will be key to addressing the arguments going on in every workplace, college and community.

In every town and city we need to increase sales of Socialist Worker. That centres on:

Let's follow up the success of last weekend and expand our sales.