Every Socialist Worker seller and supporter has to throw themselves into building a movement against the war. That centres on building local anti-war campaigns involving wide forces. But there is also an argument that we need to win raging in the working class about this war. In every town and city we need to increase sales of the paper. That means:

The fact that in just two weeks we have sold over 8,000 copies of our new Stop the War pamphlet shows that we can increase sales of Socialist Worker.

While campaigning in the Scottish elections 46 copies of Socialist Worker were sold on Saturday on our first ever street sale in Port Glasgow and 16 were sold the next day. In Aberdeen 36 papers were sold on the Torry estate. Over 50 papers were sold in both the Cathcart and Paisley South constituencies, while 20 were sold on Friday lunchtime on a street sale in Battlefield in Glasgow. Meanwhile, the regular Saturday sale in Glasgow's Argyle Street saw 167 papers sold, while 14 were sold at Chivas Regal in Paisley and 5 at the threatened Kvaerner shipyard.

Elsewhere 138 papers were sold in Liverpool on Saturday, 76 in Cardiff, 71 in Leeds, 69 in Sunderland and 45 in East Ham. Manchester sales included 182 in Market Street, 44 in Gorton Market and 39 in Ashton.

In the last week 8 people joined the Socialist Workers Party in Glasgow; 7 in Manchester, including 5 at an anti-war rally; 6 on Saturday's anti-war demonstration in London; 5 in Hackney; 3 in Birmingham; 2 in Aberdeen, Nottingham, Central London, Coventry and at the East London anti-war rally.