PEOPLE WILL have been sickened that a caller claiming to be a member of Nazi group Combat 18 said they carried out the bombing of Brixton market last Saturday. Even if it wasn't the Nazis who planted the nail bomb, they would have liked to have done. Britain's Nazis hate the idea of a multicultural Britain—which is why Brixton would be a target.

In 1997 the BNP made an election broadcast where it poured hate on black and white people in Brixton. The Nazis have also always reverted to terror, including bombs.

Although the authorities have cracked down on terror groups like Combat 18 recently, for many years they have been allowed to organise with impunity. Socialists and anti-Nazis have always sought to unite black and white against Britain's Nazis and argued that Nazis should never be allowed a platform. This weekend sees a demonstration marking the twentieth anniversary of the death of anti-Nazi Blair Peach, killed by the police while on an anti-Nazi march in Southall. This weekend also sees the sixth anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence—stabbed by a Nazi inspired gang. The person who claimed responsibility for the Brixton bomb called from a phone box in Well Hall Road, where Stephen was struck down.