Browned off

GORDON BROWN and Donald Dewar got a very hot welcome on Saturday when they blundered into a Socialist Worker sale in Glasgow's Argyle Street. BBC Scotland news showed them scurrying into Littlewoods after a spontaneous anti-war demonstration greeted them. On the Manchester anti-war demonstration 200 copies of our Stop the War pamphlet were sold along with 180 papers.

114 papers were sold in Birmingham's High Street and 108 at Newcastle's Monument. London sales included 60 in Hackney's Mare Street, 55 in Brixton, 47 in Dalston, 46 in Holloway and 41 at Camden Market on Sunday. 61 papers were sold on the protest against the NF Nazis in Worcester.

Workplace sales included 20 at Riverside House council office in Greenwich, 18 at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary, 14 at Chivas Regal in Paisley, 12 at Glacier Metals in Glasgow, 10 at Rover Longbridge, 11 at Land Rover in Birmingham and 9 at Newcastle Civic Centre.

In the last week 12 people joined the Socialist Workers Party on the Manchester anti-war demonstration; 9 on the Worcester anti-Nazi protest; 5 in Aberdeen, Neath, Nottingham and on the Blair Peach demonstration in Southall; 4 elsewhere in Manchester; 3 in Birmingham; 2 in Swansea, Leeds, Brighton, Brixton, Salford University and on the Sheffield anti-war demo; 1 in Stockport, Eccles, Sunderland, Bradford, Hammersmith, Euston, Central London, Woolwich, Greenwich, Dartford, Angel, Gilmerton, University of Central England, Nottingham University, Middlesex University and on Sunday's protest in Brick Lane following the bombing.