Drop this racist bill

TONY BLAIR wrote in last Sunday's People newspaper that "there is no home for the politics of hatred". That is right. But this is the same Tony Blair who is ramming through a new racist asylum law that seeks to scapegoat those fleeing oppression for the ills of society.

This bill feeds the myth that there are too many black people and immigrants in the country. This can only encourage racism and the Nazis, who have always tried to play on immigration scares to gain support. Those suspected of murdering Stephen Lawrence were caught on film praising anti-immigrant politician Enoch Powell and fantasising about killing black people. If Blair and his government are truly serious about "building a tolerant" society they should start by scrapping the Asylum Bill now.

Filthy threats

A NURSERY school in south London has been the target of Nazi hate mail. The black headteacher of the multicultural school in Peckham received a letter signed by "White Lightning". The letter stated that "the little wog Stephen Lawrence was a well aimed knife in the right spade if you want to know". The head teacher gave the letter to the police two months ago, but the police did not see fit to warn other schools in the area of the Nazi threat.