Britain's Nazis: different names, the same beast

NAZI organisations rushed to claim responsibility as soon as the bombs went off in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. For years these groups have encouraged terrorist attacks. Yet the media has gone along with the idea that there are "respectable Nazi" organisations like the Nazi British National Party who wanted nothing to do with the bombing. Twice last week Radio 4 allowed BNP leader John Tyndall to state that the bombs had nothing to do with his organisation. Violence and hatred are part of the history of ALL the Nazi parties in Britain.


The BNP is Britain's largest Nazi party. It denies the Nazi murder of six million Jews ever happened. It also has links with Loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland. Many BNP members have serious criminal records for offences ranging from racial violence to arms and explosives offences.

John Tyndall, the BNP leader, was convicted in 1962 for training a paramilitary group. He dressed up in Nazi uniform complete with swastikas and jackboots. In 1966 Tyndall was convicted for being in possession of 30 wooden coshes, six metal bars and two saw blades. In 1986 he was imprisoned for incitement to racial hatred.

John Edmonds, the BNP deputy leader, was convicted of smashing a glass into the face of a black man walking along the street with his white girlfriend in 1993. Tony "Bomber" Lecomber, the BNP's publicity officer, was jailed for three years in 1986 for a nail bomb attack on the offices of the Workers Revolutionary Party. He was also convicted for a savage assault on a Jewish teacher in Ilford, east London.


During the 1970s the NF was Britain's largest Nazi party. It now has a membership of about 300. Recently the NF has organised demonstrations in Dover attempting to whip up hatred against Romany asylum seekers. Its leader, Terry Blackham, has 20 convictions for violence.


Combat 18 is a small, violent Nazi group whose members worship Hitler. The 1 and the 8 stand for the first and eighth letter of the alphabet-A and H, the initials of Adolf Hitler. Combat 18 was originally formed to provide "security" for BNP meetings. Many BNP members share membership with Combat 18.

One of the founders of Combat 18 was the BNP's Derek Beackon. Members of Combat 18 have been involved in sending letter bombs to prominent mixed race couples, and in gun running and drug smuggling. The leader of Combat 18, Charlie Sargent, is now serving life for murder.


A handful of thugs who support white supremacist groups in America. The week before the Brixton bomb the White Wolves circulated details of how to make a nail bomb. One White Wolves document explained to its members how to orchestrate attacks on communities and argues, "Our main line of attack must be on the immigrants themselves."


The ITP is a tiny Nazi organisation founded by ex-NF members. This group has links with Nazi terrorist groups in Europe.

BRITISH NAZI groups are connected and many individuals join several organisations. When the Nazis ask for your vote they say they are supporters of the British National Party. When they stab a young black boy they are members of C18 and when they plant bombs they are members of the White Wolves. They are all part of the same beast.

HUNDREDS OF police protected Nazi leader Martin Webster in Manchester in 1977


"THE National Front preach Britain for the British. All of their meetings are well run and orderly. National Front supporters have been described as the type of person who lives on a decent council estate, or in his own small home which he has saved hard to buy, who sees coloured people taking over the area in which he lives."