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The pictures NATO doesn't want you to see and which the pro-war British press refused to print...

CHILDREN KILLED by NATO bombs in Surdulica in Serbia (above). This and pictures of other victims in Surdulica, Cacak, Belgrade (left) are all easily available to every British newspaper-but are deliberately censored to conceal the reality of the war

And they call this 'ethical bombing'

"NATO'S AIM is to avert an impending humanitarian catastrophe." That's what defence secretary George Robertson claimed on 25 March, the day after the bombing of Yugoslavia began. "We didn't set out to stop it [a humanitarian catastrophe]," said the same George Robertson last Friday.

We have been told for six weeks that the bombing is to help Albanian refugees. Yet there are now many more refugees than when the bombing started. The government has cynically manipulated the sympathy of millions of ordinary people for the refugees to mask this war for "NATO's credibility". Now George Robertson has let the mask slip. The pretence of "ethical bombing" has evaporated.

NATO's strategy now is to saturation bomb civilian targets in Yugoslavia. Such bombing is indiscriminate-it slaughters the innocent, just like the nail bombs planted in London. We saw the trauma and suffering the London bombs caused on our television screens. People doing their Saturday shopping or out for a drink suddenly found their lives and those of their loved ones torn to shreds.

Now look at the pictures on this page. They are of the civilian victims of NATO's bombs in Yugoslavia. Did the children ripped to pieces in Surdulica not go through the same unimaginable pain as the victims of the Soho bombing? Do parents in Belgrade not fear for their children's safety every day in the same way as parents in Brixton since the bomb went off three weeks ago? Do Serbian civilians not bleed?

Killing Serbian civilians does not relieve the pain of Albanian civilians in refugee camps. The suffering of both can only begin to end when the bombing stops. Everyone should join the fight to end it now.

PROTESTS against the war in the Balkans are continuing:


Protest against the war


Assemble 12 noon, Embankment, London

Stop the War—Why Bombing Brings More Horror

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