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Don't be divided

IN RESPONSE to the bombings people from all backgrounds have voiced their determination to live in a society where we all can enjoy life side by side. That unity has seen barriers breaking down, and not just those between white and black and gay and straight.

BLACK AND white united against the bombers

We have seen Afro-Caribbeans and Bangladeshis, sections of whose communities have traditionally been hostile to gay rights, joining hands with lesbians and gay men against the bombings. We have seen gay groups, who only a couple of years ago refused to have their Pride demonstration in Brixton, declare their solidarity with black people. We have seen Jewish organisations and Muslim groups, often bitterly hostile to one another, working together to defend each other against the common enemy.

It is this marvellous sense of solidarity that needs to be built on. So let's put an end forever to all anti-black and anti-gay jokes in workplaces and pubs and clubs. Let's see an end to allegedly liberal commentators defending people like Bernard Manning as an "interesting" comedian. And let's see an end to people who stand up against racist, sexist and anti-gay "jokes" being attacked as "politically correct". But let's also see an end to black comedians making West Africans and gay people the target of their "humour".

We should make sure that anti-immigrant feeling is stamped upon, whether it be from racist groups, white workers or even people who consider themselves black British. If one lesson is clear it is that the Nazis would like to target us all. Let's make sure they never have the satisfaction of seeing divisions on our side.