Stepping out

24 PEOPLE joined the Socialist Workers Party on last Saturday's anti-war demonstration in London. In the final week of the Scottish election campaign over 150 copies of Socialist Worker were sold door to door in the Cathcart constituency while on election day 133 papers were sold outside polling stations in the 3 constituencies in the West of Scotland where we stood. On Saturday 105 papers were sold in Glasgow's Argyle Street, 46 in Port Glasgow and 23 in Battlefield. Altogether in the last week 2 people joined in each of the Cathcart, Paisley South and West Renfrewshire constituencies plus another 3 in Glasgow. Not to be outdone, 4 people joined in Cardiff in the last week of the campaign and 1 in Aberdeen South.

Sellers in central London sold 83 papers at Tottenham Court Road tube station on Friday evening while on Sunday they sold 39 at Camden Market. Elsewhere in London 55 were sold in Romford. 32 copies of Socialist Worker were sold outside Riverside House council office in Greenwich while on Clydeside 12 were sold at Glacier Metals and 11 at Chivas Regal. Elsewhere 2 joined in Leeds, central London and Greenwich; 1 in Derby, Woolwich, Barnsley Central, St Martins College in Lancaster, Woolwich, John Moores University, Nottingham University, Sheffield University, at the anti-war rally for media workers in London and at the SOAS debate on the war.

Opposition is growing to the war, while the Scottish and Welsh elections demonstrated that there are a growing number of workers who identify themselves as being socialists rather than New Labour. In every area we are asking sellers to select a working class area or estate to do a regular weekday evening or weekend sale door to door.