15,000 say stop the bombing
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THE NATIONAL demonstration against the war, held last weekend in London, saw three times as many people march as on the first protest. Outside the columns of the government supporting media there is very little support for the bombing. More trade union branches are discussing the war and union conferences show large numbers against NATO's slaughter.
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NATO's war only means misery

THE DESTRUCTION of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade last week has opened millions of people's eyes to the reality of NATO's war in Yugoslavia. NATO's bombing is not only increasingly random, senseless and targeted at Serb civilians. It has now heightened international tensions to levels worse than at any point since the end of the Cold War.

NATO says it bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade because the CIA's maps were out of date. The world's greatest power started a war without checking its maps. Almost forgotten, NATO's cluster bombs also slaughtered shoppers in a market place last week as they carried their shopping home. And all the talk about the bombing halting the suffering of the Kosovan refugees was abandoned when NATO spokesman James Shea admitted that NATO was "not able to succeed in the initial objective to stop the ethnic cleansing".

So what is it all for? The slaughter is so that NATO can establish itself as the world's policeman. But the bombing of the Chinese embassy has heightened the disarray in the pro-war camp. "The pressure on NATO to halt its bombing of Yugoslavia is mounting," said the Daily Telegraph on Monday. The likelihood of a diplomatic solution on NATO's terms has receded."

The pro-war commentators in papers like the Guardian agree. Hugo Young writes that NATO is making "preparations for a semi-defeat that they will call a victory". Yet amid rumours of talks about a settlement, NATO has intensified its murderous bombing raids. After 17,000 "sorties", NATO's achievements are:

The bombing must stop.

Playing with fire

THE BOMBING of the Chinese embassy unleashed fury across China this week. There was genuine outrage at the barbarity of NATO's attack. But it is also increasingly clear that NATO's bombs are destabilising the world situation. The war is being used by European and US leaders to demand more military spending.

Russian generals now talk of redirecting their missiles westwards. And the Chinese military are reassessing the possibility of a strike by the US. "Beijing fears that what NATO does in Kosovo one day it will seek to do in Tibet or Xinjiang the next," says the Financial Times.

"Where will NATO stop? Will they next intervene in Azerbaijan or maybe Tajikistan on China's borders?" said a senior Chinese official last week. With every day of war in Yugoslavia the world becomes more dangerous.


Protest against the war


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