The central line

SINCE THE start of the war Socialist Worker sellers in central London have put on a Friday evening sale at Tottenham Court Road. The response was excellent. On Friday they sold 99 copies. Not to be outdone, last Saturday Birmingham sold 120 papers in the High Street, 34 in Northfield, 22 in King's Heath and 20 in Erdington, while in Liverpool 124 were sold in Bold Street. London sales included 55 in East Ham, 52 at East Street market in Southwark, 45 in Holloway, 40 in Romford, 36 in Euston and 25 in Poplar. Manchester sales included 237 in Market Street, 41 in Stockport and 33 in Gorton market.

Workplace sales last week included 12 at both Bidborough House, the Camden Council housing HQ, and Chivas Regal in Paisley, 8 at Bosals Exhausts in Preston, 9 at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and 6 at ITN in central London.

In the last week 4 people joined the Socialist Workers Party in Newington Green, Manchester and on Monday's anti-war demonstration at NATO's Guildhall birthday bash; 3 in Birmingham; 2 in Euston, Southwark, Clapham, Coventry, Warwick University, Leeds Metropolitan University and at a Bradford University teach-in on the war; and 1 in Stratford, Lancaster University, Central London, Peckham and Nottingham Sherwood.

Across the country we should be organising extra sales of Socialist Worker with special emphasis on choosing a particular housing estate and selling systematically at every door.